About Leesburg

We are a community organization dedicated to helping and supporting construction and asphalt workers, across the States.

As a community, we self-organize in our members’ interests. This incorporates legal help, help with access to training and education, emotional support and social events.

To become a supporter is easy, simply click on the ‘support us’ section and fill out the form. For a small monthly donation, you will receive a newsletter, with information about all our latest projects and fundraising events.

Our community was founded by Fred Smith and Travis Myers.

Both Fred and Travis worked for decades within the asphalt paving community and upon retirement, missed the sense of camaraderie that went with the bustle of the industry.

To begin with, they arranged small get togethers of retired asphalt workers, but it wasn’t long before the meetings grew in size.

By 2009 they were regularly organizing barbeques, karaoke and balls for ex and serving asphalt construction workers, across their home state of California.

A couple of years later, and with more organizing help and support, they had a cross state presence and by 2012 there were events happening across most areas of the country.

Today, the organization does more than just provide a great social life for retired and current asphalt industry professionals.

It also helps with education and training, to assist the new generation of asphalt paving workers to get into the industry.

Every year, donations from our generous supporters help twelve young people get their foot on the ladder into the asphalt industry.

We also fund an advice and support line for asphalt construction workers suffering difficulties emotionally and mentally.

Legal advice is also an important tenet of our organization and we have a legal page, with links to all the latest changes in legislation to affect the industry.

Finally, there are still tickets available for this year’s annual ball – we’d love to see you there!